A Children’s Guide to Yoga

Yoga & Me

Mind, Body & Spirit

As we move to the age of technology, algorithms, and innovation, we are to be as innovative in teaching our children to cope with their environment and the daily stressors of life. Self-awareness is key to progressing a child’s social and emotional intelligence. This starts with conquering oneself through breathing exercises and graceful movements that align the body to be more grounded and balanced. A balanced life is a happy life filled and the start of endless possibilities.

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Jeremy A. Gray

Jeremy Gray, better known throughout his community as Mr. EYG, is an African American politician, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and former professional athlete.

Rep. Gray currently serves as the Alabama State Representative of the 83rd District, where he serves on the Education Policy, Health, Public Safety, and Homeland Security committees. His peers voted him in as Minority-Whip, and later Governor Ivey appointed him to the Alabama Statewide Health Coordinating Council and Innovate Alabama Commission. Rep. Gray received the Millennial Action Project 2022 Rising Star Award. Rep. Gray began his second term in January 2023.

Yoga exercises are beneficial to one’s overall wellness and will pay great dividends in combating traumatic experiences. “Yoga and Me” (Mind, Body, and Spirit) A children’s guide with affirmations allows children to process their emotions in a playful way that encourages them to think and breathe before reacting to their feelings. In a time where everything around us is so instant at the tip of our children’s fingertips and requires instant gratification, this book challenges them to look within.

Self-love is the blueprint for loving those around us. Imagine an environment where children can play in harmony, not being judged for their differences but instead inspired to be different, bold, and think freely. This is the essence of “Yoga and Me” (Mind, Body, and Spirit), A children’s guide with affirmations to cultivate human beings with empathy and a kind heart. Yoga is about uniting with self to be the change you want to see in the world, and as a child changes their intentions, change in the world happens collectively.